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Predictions : Sony a7S III and Sony a6700 Specs

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Predictions for the upcoming Sony A7S III and Sony A6700 mirrorless cameras surfaced on Youtube videos.

Sony is working hard for new cameras and lenses. The fans are currently happy with the third series in the A7-series Sony A7III as the basic model has exceeded expectations with its advanced features. Where to find Sony A7 III camera in stock? Here is an in stock / availability tracker for Sony A7 III mirrorless camera.

Now the company is rumored to hold two more big announcements for the high-end mirrorless cameras in the year of 2018. One for its full frame and the other one is for APS-c E-mount system. The list includes the Sony A7S III and Sony A6700 cameras.

Sony Rumors for 2018 :  Sony A7S III and Sony A6700 Specs Predictions

Sony A7s III  full frame mirrorless camera is rumored to be announced at Photokina 2018 show in September. This is not the first time Sony has been rumored to be working on this shooter. Click here for our expectations. As a result the release date of the A7S Mark III will be in late 2018.

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For the time being, it appears that the third version of the A7s is in development phase. An update to the A6000-series looks also promising in 2018. The official announcement for the Sony A6700 is expected before Photokina 2018. It could be announced in the second half of 2018. Click here for our expectations and first specs of A6700.

Here are the predictions video of Sony a7S III and Sony a6700 specs by Jason Vong.

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