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Rumored Sony a7S III Specs : 4K & 60p and HDR Video

It seems that new information about the features of the Sony A7S III continues to come. According to new leaked details, the upcoming low-light king in the full-frame Sony E-mount system can record 4K HDR video in 60p. Next Sony full frame E-mount camera would be the Sony A7S III as the third version is rumored toContinue Reading

Sony Europe Rep confirms the Sony A7s III is coming soon

A representative from Sony Europe has confirmed that the Sony A7S III full frame E-mount camera is coming soon. You can watch the interview below in French language. It was taken at the NAB 2018 event in Las Vegas. The sales Manager for Sony Europe says that the Sony A7S III is coming soon. He alsoContinue Reading

Sony A6700, A7S III and RX100 VI Coming Next?

Sony has just registered a new camera code WW771132 in China today. This might well be an indicator, one of the Sony A6700, A7S III and RX100 VI cameras to be announced next. A new Sony “WW771132″ camera registered online. These kind of registrations are for Wi-Fi purposes and usually the official announcement will beContinue Reading

Sony a7S III announcement could happen before July 2018

Next Sony full frame E-mount camera would be the Sony A7S III as the third version of this low-light king might hit the shelves before July 2018. Amazon Germany currently listed a book called “Sony a7 III / a7S III: For better photos right from the start!” available for pre-order online. The release date of the bookContinue Reading

Predictions : Sony a7S III and Sony a6700 Specs

Predictions for the upcoming Sony A7S III and Sony A6700 mirrorless cameras surfaced on Youtube videos. Sony is working hard for new cameras and lenses. The fans are currently happy with the third series in the A7-series Sony A7III as the basic model has exceeded expectations with its advanced features. Where to find Sony A7 III camera in stock? Here is an in stockContinue Reading

Sony A7SIII release date scheduled for late 2018

Sony is rumored to be working on a replacement of the Alpha A7SII mirrorless camera. Sony A7S III release date is scheduled for late 2018. The Sony Alpha A7S introduced in early 2014. The series targets video makers with its stunning low light capabilities. The full frame E-mount users has met with the A7SII in September 2015. Now the third model is onContinue Reading

What to Expect from Sony A7S III Camera?

Here is our expectation of the popular full frame E-mount, Sony A7S III camera. The A7s-series Sony is one of the most popular interchangeable lens camera in the company’s lineup as a low-light king. . Undoubtedly, photographers who need a mirrorless ILC camera with great image quality in compact sizes, the full frame sensor based model becomesContinue Reading

Sony A7S III, Sony A7III and Sony A77III : 2018 Rumor Recap

Sony is rumored to hold three big announcements in the year 2018 for its full frame E-mount system. The list includes the Sony A7S III, Sony A7III and Sony A77 III cameras. Sony is working hard for new cameras and lenses. Sony fans are happy as they’ve started to meet the third series in the A7-seriesContinue Reading

Sony A7SIII Rumored to be announced on April 23?

Sony is rumored to announce an full frame mirrorless camera, called A7S III, which will have high AF speed and burst rate, at NAB Show 2017. The rumor mill has been giving few glimpses of a new Sony FE-mount camera. The products in question are the Sony A7SIII camera and a new FS5 E-mount camcorder successor. The 2017Continue Reading

First Sony A7SIII specs leaked online

First rumored Sony A7SIII specs has been leaked online. It will be the replacement for the current Sony Alpha A7SII full-frame mirrorless camera. According to recent rumors, Sony is working on a new MILC with 35mm format image sensor. The Sony A7SIII specs list is expected to include a new 15.4 MP BSI-CMOS Sensor found with LSI. As you might remember the a6500 sensor has a newly added front-end LSI chip thatContinue Reading