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More Rumors on Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

More updates on the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera rumors available online. According to recent reports, at least one of the upcoming models will compete against the entry-level Sony A7 III full frame mirrorless camera. The first prototypes of Nikon full frame mirrorless camera is already in testing and the development continues in a rapid pace, earlier reports say. AContinue Reading

Nikon Manager Says New Nikon Mirrorless Camera Arriving Spring 2019

A Nikon manager has confirmed that a new Nikon mirrorless camera will arrive by Spring 2019. At CP+ Show in Japan in early March, NHK World Japan had an interview with Nikon executive officer Kimito Uemura. The Nikon manager confirmed that the company will bring new Nikon mirrorless cameras to market by Spring of 2019.Continue Reading

What to Expect from Nikon in 2018

Here is an updated list of the product expectations of Nikon in 2018. Nikon is expected to announce at least three new cameras and two new lenses. We told about the cameras we were expecting from Nikon as three because a full-frame mirrorless camera could be a development announcement rather than an official announcement. In the pastContinue Reading

Canon and Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Predictions

So both Canon and Nikon full frame mirrorless cameras are on the horizon and we probably see a development announcement in the near future. So when will the Nikon and Canon full frame mirrorless cameras be released in the market? According to Nikkei, both companies were initially to announce their full-frame mirrorless cameras in earlyContinue Reading

Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera in the works at a ‘Rapid Pace’, Coming in a Year

Nikon full frame mirrorless camera is rumored to be in the works at a ‘Rapid Pace’. Recent reports indicates that the PRO-grade mirrorless camera will be released in the current fiscal year. The Japanese business news outlet SankeiBiz reports that development of the new camera is advancing at a “rapid pace” and the company wants to launch the cameraContinue Reading

Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Rumored to Feature “Z-mount”

The upcoming Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera is rumored to feature a new mounting system called the “Z-mount“, which will have a 16mm flange focal distance. According to recent reports, the external diameter of the new system would be 49mm, which is the actual mount opening. The entire external diameter of the mount is going to beContinue Reading

Nikon FF Mirrorless Camera Rumored for CP+ 2018 Show

Previously rumored Nikon FF mirrorless camera is rumored to be announced in late February prior to CP+ 2018 Show in Japan. As you might remember that the company is working on a new mirrorless camera concept. There will be two units in prgress that are two different sensor resolution. One of them based on the DX-formatContinue Reading

Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Rumored to Feature 45 MP Sensor

Nikon full frame mirrorless camera is rumored to feature the same 45-megapixels sensor on the D850 DSLR. The company is reportedly working on a new mirrorless camera concept. Trusted sources are claiming that there are two different sensor resolution in progress. One of them based on the DX-format image sensor. This is expected to be the 20.1MPContinue Reading

Nikon officially confirms that a new mirrorless camera on the way

Nikon officially confirms that they are actively working on a new professional mirrorless camera. Several days ago in an interview with Nikon’s CEO Mr. Kazuo Ushida on upcoming products from Nikon. He said that they are working on a brand new mirrorless camera that will be unique and different from other companies in terms of performance. SeeContinue Reading