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Sony a6700 to Feature 32MP Global Shutter APS-C Sensor?

According to recent reports, the upcoming Sony A6700 camera might use a new image sensor which is in 32MP resolution with global shutter. The sensor in question is called Sony IMX342LQA. It is a global shutter APS-C CMOS sensor chip and could be in the works for a possible Alpha a6700 or some other camera like an FS7 replacement.Continue Reading

Sony A6700, A7S III and RX100 VI Coming Next?

Sony has just registered a new camera code WW771132 in China today. This might well be an indicator, one of the Sony A6700, A7S III and RX100 VI cameras to be announced next. A new Sony “WW771132″ camera registered online. These kind of registrations are for Wi-Fi purposes and usually the official announcement will beContinue Reading

Predictions : Sony a7S III and Sony a6700 Specs

Predictions for the upcoming Sony A7S III and Sony A6700 mirrorless cameras surfaced on Youtube videos. Sony is working hard for new cameras and lenses. The fans are currently happy with the third series in the A7-series Sony A7III as the basic model has exceeded expectations with its advanced features. Where to find Sony A7 III camera in stock? Here is an in stockContinue Reading

Rumored Sony A6700 Specs

More Sony A6700 specs list has been unearthed by sources familiar with the matter, revealing that the mirrorless camera will feature a very fast and accurate autofocus system and 4K @60fps. The new shooter will replace the Sony A6500. However, its design will stay the same. With the newly-leaked Sony A6700 specs, the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameraContinue Reading

What to Expect from Sony A6700 Camera?

Here is our expectation of the popular APS-c E-mount, Sony A6700 camera. The Alpha 6000-series Sony is one of the most popular interchangeable lens camera in the company’s lineup. Undoubtedly, photographers who need a mirrorless ILC camera with great image quality in compact sizes, the APS-c sensor based model becomes ideal for their needs. Sony hasContinue Reading