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Best mirrorless cameras 2016

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We have tried to rate the best mirrorless system cameras by price, features and according to their overall value. Here are selections of the best mirrorless cameras 2016.

A mirrorless camera uses an image sensor to provide an image to the electronic viewfinder (EVF). It is called mirrorless since it does not have a movable mirror in the optical path. Manufacturers has kept the big sensors and interchangeable lenses of DSLR cameras but ditch the mirror to produce a smaller, lighter and simpler camera.

There are many digital cameras on the market. In this post we are looking for the best mirrorless cameras 2016. This would be useful so you can make a decision right now based not just on specs, handling and performance, but size, simplicity and value for money too.

Our choices : best mirrorless cameras 2016

1. Fuji X-T2

Fujifilm X-T2 has many big improvements over its precedecessor and the biggest of all is the autofocus. A huge leap is the AF tracking of moving subjects. The new model comes with 8 frames per second burst shooting, a clever double-hinged rear display, bright EVF, Fuji’s excellent 24.3MP X Trans III CMOS sensor.

We find it an excellent mirrorless camera and it only lacks a touchscreen for LCD. The APS-c sensored shooter priced at $1,749.95 at Amazon.

2. Olympus OM-D E-M10 II

The OM-D E-M10 Mark II comes with a high-resolution 16.1MP 4/3 Live MOS sensor pairs with the TruePic VII image processor. The MFT shooter offers up to 8.5 fps shooting and full HD 1080p/60 movie recording, with a top sensitivity of ISO 25600.

We find this camera has compact sizes with lenses. It has an excellent viewfinder. Even the sensor is smaller and this is a wonderful camera for beginner/intermediate enthusiasts. Micro Four Thirds camera is priced at $649.95 at Amazon.

Best mirrorless cameras 2016

3. Sony Alpha A7R II

Yes we have 35mm format image sensor recommendations too when it comes to mirrorless market. The Sony A7R II has proved especially popular because it has a pixel count of 42.2 million. Provides excellent image quality for stills and it can also shoot high quality 4K footage.

For the novice expert users we recommend Alpha A7R II. Sony’s full-frame E-mount camera is priced at $3,198.00 at Amazon.

4. Panasonic Lumix G80 / G85

Another MFT shooter in progress! The Panasonic G85 is one of the most compelling mid-range mirrorless propositions around. We are very impressed with the EVF and the LCD usage. This camera offers good image quality with wonderful autofocus system.

This is a greta camera for beginner/intermediate enthusiasts photographers.  Micro Four Thirds camera is priced at $889.95 at Amazon.

5. Fuji X-Pro2

The last one in the list would be a high-end model from Fujifilm. The X-Pro2 comes with classic styling houses a stack of features aimed at the enthusiast photographers.

The X-Pro2 camera features a 24.3MP sensor as well as decent AF system for PROs. The camera offers both the option of an EVF and optical viewfinder. The APS-c sensored camera is priced at $1,699.95 at Amazon.


Choosing a camera for hobby or professional usage is very hard work. Depends on your needs and budget. This is the list of best mirrorless cameras 2016 for several details in each of them.