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Canon Patent for 12-60mm f/2-4 Lens

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Canon has filed a new optical formula for a 12-60mm f/2-4 lens. From the patent application we can understand that this optic is apperantly designed for 1.5″ sensor cameras.

Canon has the very popular PowerShot G1 X Mark II model. The high-end compact camera is priced for $649 at Amazon. The interesting part is that the cameras has a 12.8MP High-Sensitivity 1.5″ CMOS Sensor with a 12.5-65mm f/2-3.9 lens.

This patent is such and indicator that the company is developing a PowerShot G1 X Mark II successor. More details can be found below.

Canon 12-60mm f/2-4 lens patent might be for Powershot G1 X Mark III

Canon Patent for 12-60mm f/2-4 Lens

Even there is a possibility that the Powershot G1 X Mark III may come with improved APS-C sensor. If the same kind of lens is in the works for a large 1.5-inch-type CMOS sensor, than we can expect the third model not to be in APS-c sizes.

Patent publication number 2016-212248 (Google Translated)

  • Release date 2016.12.15
  • Application date 2015.5.8
  • Zoom ratio 4.72
  • Focal length 12.84 20.16 60.62
  • F number 2.06 3.50 4.02
  • Half angle of view (degree) 41.74 28.80 10.33
  • Image height 9.22 10.23 11.25
  • Lens total length 83.06 84.07 101.55
  • BF 8.02 12.32 13.44