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50-Megapixel Canon EOS 3D To Be Announced in 2015

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Canon’s high-resolution DSLR camera with a 50-megapixel sensor is in the rumors again, as the camera expected to arrive sometime by the end of 2015 to the market.

The name of the Canon’s 50-megapixel DSLR isn’t confirmed yet. The DSLR camera will not replace the flagship EOS-1D X model and expected to position between the 1D and 5D series. That’s why we see the EOS-3D name in the rumors so much.

According to latest Canon Rumors, the price of the upcoming Canon EOS 3D DSLR will stand somewhere between the prices of the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 1D X, and that it will not go above $4,000. Some EOS 3D specs information after the break!

Canon EOS 3D Coming in 2015 with a Price Around $4,000

Canon EOS 3D Coming in 2015

Canon’s 50MP DSLR, the EOS 3D will be positioned between the EOS-1D and EOS-5D series.

Canon EOS 3D DSLR camera is said to be the “bigger brother” of Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The specs list expected to be similar to 5D Mark III but with a high-megapixel full frame image sensor and 4k video options.

Canon will announce several new DSLR and mirrorless cameras in 2015. The candidates are the possible Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 6D Mark II and a true replacement model for the EOS M.

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