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Fujifilm X-H1 Reviews Roundup

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Here are the latest Fujifilm X-H1 reviews surfaced on the web.

The XH1 is the highest performing camera in the X Series lineup, with a newly-designed robust and durable body. The Fuji XH1 incorporates a range of useful features that support shooting in various scenarios by professional photographers, videographers and experienced amateur photographers.

The Fujifilm X-H1 is now in stock and shipping in the US. The X-H1 body-only price is $1,899.95 while the Vertical Power Booster Grip Kit costs $2,199.95.

Looking for latest Fujifilm X-H1 reviews? Find out below if this is a worthy flagship in the X-series and whether it’s the best mirrorless camera for professionals.

Fujifilm X-H1 Reviews Roundup

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From ePhotozine verdict :

With the introduction of in-camera image stabilisation, Fujifilm has joined Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony by giving customers improved shooting possibilities for stills photography, allowing sharp shots to be captured at slower shutter speeds. It also gives movie shooters professional looking video quality, without the need of a tripod. This leaves Canon and Nikon as the only companies who don’t offer in-camera sensor-based image stabilisation on their interchangeable lens cameras. This introduction is another innovation in the mirrorless camera market that makes mirrorless cameras all the more appealing, and with CINE-4K recording, and a number of other video improvements, Fujifilm is offering the most complete Fujifilm video camera available to date. The improvements made with the X-H1 should appeal to both stills and video shooters.

From Phoblographer conclusion :

The Fujifilm X-H1 is a fantastic camera in many respects. The company gave it bar none the best autofocus of any APS-C camera out there. On top of that there is great image quality, in body image stabilization and the addition of great video. Plus it’s weather sealed and has menus that are pretty simple to use. The biggest problem has more to do with the ergonomics: they just don’t feel right and you need a massive hand to even make sense of it otherwise. Fujifilm is taking what’s so great about them (their retro ergonomics) and trying to get rid of them at least with this camera. And I feel like that’s wrong. If they had made the camera bigger and even perhaps gotten rid of the massive grip for the hand, it would have made sense and would have perhaps been more like an old Nikon F.

From Fstoppers conclusion :

It may seem like my list of dislikes is rather long, but don’t let that deter you from this camera. Those are small nitpicks with regards to an otherwise spectacular camera. If, like I was, you aren’t sure about the size and weight, I recommend testing out the camera first. For me, the IBIS and added video features were what convinced me. The IBIS is worth it alone for the type of work that I do, so if this would be a benefit to you, I can’t recommend the X-H1 highly enough. The increases in overall performance also take this camera a step above the X-T2 and make it a great upgrade.

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