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More Nikon D820 Specs Revealed

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A new set of Nikon D820 specs is available online, stating that the DSLR will feature a 46MP sensor, Dual Card Slots, Tiltable LCD and improved ISO range.

The rumor mill has provided some Nikon D820 specs, as the DSLR is quickly approaching its product launch event, which should take place in Summer of 2017.

It is not surprising to see that the 46MP sensor is still in the Nikon D820 specs. It would be similar to the ones mentioned within the rumor mill before. Well, the DSLR is on its way soon and possible announcement should be this Summer.

Nikon D820 specs list will include 46MP sensor, Tiltable LCD, and Dual Card Slots

Nikon will put a 45 or 46-megapixel full-frame image sensor in the D820. The camera will come with a new and improved version of SnapBridge. Besides connectivity upgrades, the DSLR is expected to feature a tiltable LCD screen (probably with touchscreen) just like the D750 and D500.

More Nikon D820 Specs Revealed

Sources have confirmed that the shooter will also come packed with two card slots, one XQD and one SD. The new sensor will provide a ISO sensitivity better than the Nikon D810.

Rumored Nikon D820 specs

  • Announcement rumored for this summer
  • Most likely it will be called D820 (D850 is still a possibility)
  • Nikon is already planning the marketing material for the new camera
  • The sensor will be between 45-46MP
  • The D820 is expected to be better at low and high ISO compared to Canon and better than the D810
  • The D820 could come with a new and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD screen just like the D750 and D500
  • The memory card slots will be the same as in the D500: one SD and one XQD

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If it were to speculate, then we would say that the D820 price for the body-only version will be around $3,600. Either way, stay tuned for more Nikon D820 specs!

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