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Nikon D820 Rumored to be Announced This Summer

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Nikon D820 DSLR is rumored to be announced this summer before the company’s 100th anniversary.

Nikon will celebrate 100 years of existence in July 2017. For this special announcement it is possible for Nikon to launch the D820 with several other new products as well as the DF2. See also Nikon Df2 rumors.

According to the latest rumors, the name of the replacement model will be the Nikon D820. The specs list is said to include a 46MP sensor. When we look at the Nikon D810 body-only sales price is around $2,496 at Amazon with $200 saving. More details after the break!

Rumors : Nikon D820 DSLR with 46MP Sensor Coming This Summer

Nikon camera business is undergoing a major restructuring. So, what can we expect from Nikon in 2017? It is certain that the company pushed forward some major product announcements for this summer in order to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary. One of these is expected to be the Nikon D820 which will be the replacement of the Nikon D810.

More Nikon D820 Specs Revealed

Rumors : Nikon D820 DSLR with 46MP Sensor Coming This Summer

Here are the previously rumored specs posted for D820:

  • 46MP sensor
  • No AA filter
  • 5 fps
  • D5 focusing
  • Fixed touch screen
  • CF/SD
  • Wi-Fi/Snapbridge

As you know, there were some information that the D810 successor will be the D850 with a 54MP sensor. Still, when we look at the recent rumors, it is stated that the full-frame sensor will be a 46MP resolution model produced by Sony.

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Nevertheless, everything is based on rumor and speculation, which means that you should not jump to conclusions for now. Stay tuned to Dailycameranews for more Nikon D820 DSLR information!

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