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New Sony RX coming along with Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

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A new Sony RX model with fixed-lens on the horizon, as the company is expected to hold a product launch event in April, which may also include the introduction of a full-frame E-mount camera.

According to latest reports, Sony has registered two new cameras in Asia. One of them supposed to be a fixed-lens RX-series camera and the other one could be a FF E-mount model.

The announcement will occur in April and the rumor mill has previously said that the manufacturer may reveal the long-rumored Sony A7III shooter as well as the RX2.  More details after the break!

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Sony RX2 and A7III might be on the horizon

Sony officially announced the RX1 and RX100 premium compact cameras in 2012. They were replaced by the RX1R and the RX100 II in 2013.

The internet has been busy speculating on the RX1(R)’s successor’s details since 2013. The rumors were about the RX2 camera that will come with a faster 35mm f1.8 lens and a new curved sensor.

New Sony RX coming along with Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Sony registered two new cameras with the following codes:

  • WW361847
    • Wi-Fi・Bluetooth
  • WW620081
    • Wi-Fi・Bluetooth

Rumored Sony A7III specs

Here are the combined specs so far.

  • 24.3-megapixel image sensor
  • 4K video recording
  • Improved AF
  • Burst speed around 20fps
  • A fully articulated touchscreen
  • AA filter or global shutter in silent mode.
  • Faster EVF
  • Joystic control
  • Better weather sealing
  • Dual card slots
  • Price around $2400

The rumor mill is pretty much sure about the Sony A7III. The second camera will probably be a fixed-lens or a premium compact model. So it could be either a new RX100 or the long-waited RX2. The FE 100-400mm G lens is also another product that was previoulsy mentioned for this announcement.

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