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The Complete Guide to Sony A7RII by Gary Friedman

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The Complete Guide to the Sony A7RII is a new title from Gary L. Friedman and now available in DRM-free, .pdf, .mobi, and .epub versions.

The book explains all shooting modes, menus, functions, and controls of the camera in clear language. This easy-to-understand yet thorough guide provides a complete instruction manual which explains each feature in plain English and provides hundreds of visual examples as well.

The Complete Guide to Sony A7RII is available now for $31.45 for download through the website.

New Sony A7RII book by Gary Friedmann


In this 641-page full-color book you’ll learn:

  • All the focusing modes explained in an intuitive way * 4K shooting and choosing a bit rate for video
  • The new phase-detect  AF (and where it’s blind)
  • The most popular adapters for legacy glass
  • S-Log2 in a way that won’t make your eyes glaze over
  • My personal camera configuration
  • The 4K XAVC S difference in terms a non-videographer can understand
  • How to know which video mode is right for you.
  • NFC, Wi-Fi, and step-by-step instructions on using them.
  • Which of the new downloadable “apps” are actually useful.
  • A set of “Cliffs Notes” cards you can print showing the recipies for common shooting situations, and Gary’s Personal Camera Settings.

Sony A7RII ($3,200 – Amazon | B&H | Adorama) featuring the world’s first back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor with a resolution of 42.4 megapixels with 4K video recording. The new Sony A7RII boasts high speed AF response up to 40% faster than the original α7R thanks to 399 focal plane phase detection AF points.

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