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Hasselblad Launches a New CFV-50c CMOS Digital Back for V System

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Hasselblad has announced the CFV–50c, a 50-megapixel CMOS back which is capable of being attached to any existing V-system camera.

Hasselblad CFV-50c CMOS digital back is designed with simple operation in mind, the back requires zero cables for connection, a first of its kind.

The CFV–50c is capable of up to ISO 6400, 1.5fps, 16-bit color, features a 3” 24-bit color display and uses a CF card for storage, when not tethered to a computer.

Here are the other details from the press text.

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Hasselblad Launches a New CFV-50c CMOS Digital Back for V System


Hasselblad is set to launch a new ‘back to the future’ CMOS sensor-based digital back, targeting its legions of dedicated V System photographers worldwide.

The new CFV-50c, which will have an €11,000 price tag, is engineered to work on almost every V camera made by the company since 1957.

The state-of-the-art back boasts the same feature-rich functionality and performance level as the acclaimed H5D-50c camera, providing V System users with a unique opportunity to benefit from latest digital capture technology, including outstanding ISO capability.

The announcement comes as Hasselblad underpins its sharp focus on core customers in the medium format sector.

Ian Rawcliffe, Hasselblad CEO said: “We have experienced a substantial resurgence of interest in our iconic V cameras – users love the traditional ergonomics and the unique appearance.

Our research has shown that although we no longer manufacture V models, there is a big demand from our dedicated V System users who want to be able to continue to use their classic cameras but also desire access to our latest technology. The new CFV-50c, with its supreme image quality, is our response to that demand. Photographers using V System vintage cameras can now realise the true potential for these definitive capture devices.”

He added: “This new unit is just part of our ongoing product development strategy. We have produced V Systems for over fifty years and now customers can really benefit from Hasselblad advanced digital engineering know-how with the CFV-50c.”

Leading German portrait photographer Arne Weychardt is one of the first to test the new digital back.

He said: “CFV-50c gives me superb fusion of old with new; the traditional and classic look and feel of the V System body linked to Hasselblad’s advanced image capture technology. It’s just a perfect mix.”

Key features of the new CFV-50c:

  • CMOS sensor with ISO values up to 6400 provides lower noise levels, guaranteeing crisp clean images and picture-perfect colours.
  • Long exposures with clean, noise-free images.
  • Simple operation: no external cables required. (The CFV is the only digital back to offer this for V cameras)
  • Live Video in Phocus in colour: Plus much higher frame rate than earlier CCD-based CFV backs.
  • Larger LCD screen with higher resolution.
  • New menu system and button layout.
  • Ninety degree viewfinders. Now photographers can use the PM90 and PME90 viewfinders. (Easier portrait or vertical shooting)
  • 12.5 MPixel JPEG option (in addition to the RAW file).
  • New programmable button – a shortcut to a photographer’s most frequently used function.
  • Classic Hasselblad square crop option.
  • Remote control option from Phocus using a 500EL-type or 503CW with winder.