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Canon EOS M2 Announcement in November?

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The next EOS M mirrorless camera rumors surfaced again. According to sources Canon EOS M2 announcement expected to be in November.

Canon EOS M replacement news show up for several months as the Canon EOS M2 name show up in the Canon’s DPP (DigitalPhoto Professional) software before in September.

In November a major retailer will be doing a presentation showing off new gear from the manufacturers. As the retailer told that they can’t say any more about what they’d be showing from Canon.

Canon EOS M2 Announcement in November?


They didn’t unveil which Canon product they will show but as posted from trusted sources before, Canon is expected not to announce DSLR camera this year in 2013. Canon EOS M is rumored to be replaced by the EOS M2 and the mirrorless camera is rumored to be announced since mid-2013.

As rumored before, Canon is testing two versions of the new Canon EOS M mirrorless camera. The first camera will be a minor upgrade of the current EOS M. The next EOS-M camera apparently will be called the EOS M2. This could probably be the EOS M2 camera.