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New Rumored Specs List of Nikon Z6 III

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Nikon Z6 III will be officially announced in next few weeks. According to latest rumors, here is the new specs list of upcoming Nikon Z6 III full frame mirrorless camera.

The rumored specifications for the upcoming Nikon Z6 III look pretty impressive. The Z6 III leaps forward with 6K 60fps NRAW video recording, providing filmmakers with ultra-high resolution and frame rate options. It also offers 4K 120fps (in crop mode) and 4K 60fps full-frame recording in ProRes RAW, catering to diverse filming needs. For still photographers, the Z6 III mirrorless camera boasts a rapid 20fps shooting in RAW (14-bit) and an impressive 120fps in JPEG format. The increased 1/16000 shutter speed caters to capturing fast-moving subjects with stunning clarity. The autofocus system features 299 points, ensuring accurate tracking. The 8-stop VR (Vibration Reduction) is inherited from the Nikon Zf, offering exceptional image stabilization.

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Here is the full specs list of Nikon Z6 III, take a look at below:

Rumors : New Specs list of Nikon Z6 III

  • 6k60 NRAW, 4k120 (crop), 4k60 full ProRes RAW
  • New higher resolution EVF: 5.76m dot
  • Improved LCD
  • 20fps still RAW (14bit)
  • 120fps stills jpeg
  • 1/16000 shutter speed
  • 299 points AF
  • 8-stop VR (same system as the Nikon Zf)
  • CFexpress+SD memory cards
  • PSAM Dial
  • Camera body size and overall dimension are similar to the Nikon Z6II: 3-5mm longer width becuase of the LCD hinge and a few mm thicker
  • The overall height (bottom to the EVF) remains the same but the actual camera is 2-3mm taller
  • The grip button layouts and design look similar to the Nikon Z8 apart from the command dial which is the same as the Z6II
  • All other button layouts are the same as the Z6II
  • The Z6III logo is on the top, just like on the Z8/Z9
  • Z logo in the front is also like the Z8 but below the current Z6II focus sensor
  • The Z6III body overall is about 30-40g heavier than the Z6II
  • The Z6III body inherits the design from the Z8
  • Battery EN-EL15

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