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First Leaked Image of New Leica Q3

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Take a look at the first leaked image of the new Leica Q3. Comparing it with the Q2 , there seems to be almost no difference, but the position of the AF auxiliary light seems to be slightly different. Also, the thickness of the base plate is different.

The US price for Leica Q2 is $5,795.00, and available at B&H Photo/Adorama. Leica is expected to announce the Q3 camera within the next 2-3 weeks (most likely in the last week of May). The price would be higher than the Q2 unfortunately.

Here are the updated Leica Q3 camera rumored specifications.

Rumored Leica Q3 Specs

  • The video capability may be pushed beyond 4k (8k video is still not confirmed)
  • Improved focus illumination mechanism
  • New battery and contactless charging system (similar to how an electric toothbrush is charged?)
  • New finish – similar to that of the new M11M (the different finishes could be related to the lens hood)
  • Announcement expected in May/June 2023 timeframe
  • Same sensor and image processor as the Leica M11
  • Same body, lens, and image stabilization as the Leica Q2
  • Code name “Wilson”
  • Higher price than the Q2 (currently $5,795)
  • Swivel screen
  • Higher PR EVF
  • Internal memory
  • USB C charging
  • No 8k video
  • Phase detect AF
  • New handgrip with wireless charging
  • Same Leica BP-SCL4 lithium-ion battery but with higher power/mAh (milliamp/hour)

Stay tuned for more information

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