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Panasonic GH6 Review : “Highly desirable camera for demanding videographers”

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Here is the first Panasonic GH6 Review published on the web. The Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6 is the latest in a line of high-end Micro Four Thirds video cameras.

The GH6 is built around a sensor with parallel high and low-gain readouts to deliver a ‘Dynamic Range Boost’ mode that Panasonic says delivers more than 13 stops of dynamic range at higher ISO settings. It becomes the first GH camera to use the full VariCam V-Log profile.

Gordon Laing has posted a full review of the newly announced Panasonic Lumix DC-GH6 (AmazonB&HAdorama) at the Cameralabs.com.

You can find the whole details about the Panasonic GH6 review below.

FFrom the conclusion :

If you’re after a hybrid camera focused towards video, especially high frame rate 4k, the Lumix GH6 becomes one of the most compelling models around… The bottom line is the GH6 is a highly desirable camera for demanding videographers that confidently takes on much more expensive rivals with an overall feature-set that’s unparalleled for the asking price…

Panasonic GH6 Key Features

  •  Panasonic GH6 weighs 823g, which is about 100g heavier than Panasonic GH5, due to the addition of a cooling system for most of the weight. The GH6’s grip is the right size and the holding is comfortable.
  • Panasonic GH6 has a wireless connection feature, but strangely, it doesn’t have the livestreaming feature that the GH5 Mark II.
  • The EVF is 0.76 times the same as Panasonic GH5 with 3.68 million dots, and it still looks good.
  • The monitor has been downsized from 3.2 inches to 3 inches on Panasonic GH5, but now has 1.84 million dots, making it more flexible by using the same method as the Panasonic S1H.
  • Video AF may or may not be surprisingly powerful, with a mix of good and bad parts. Also, video AF can only recognize subjects up to 60p. Canon EOS R5 and Sony A1 are ideal for shooting sports and wildlife with high frame rate videos.
  • The video wobbling is the Achilles heel of Panasonic’s AF system, and the GH6 is arguably the best Panasonic machine to date in this regard, but there are some unpleasant wobbling depending on the composition.
  • The resolution is certainly better than the 20MP machine, but the difference isn’t that big, and I wouldn’t buy the GH6 just for resolution.
  • In high resolution mode, the details are visibly rich. High-resolution mode processing is more sophisticated, but it struggles with moving subjects and excludes landscapes with birds, cars, people, and leaves swaying in the wind.
  • It’s strange that Panasonic GH6 doesn’t have 4K and 6K photo modes. The high sensitivity of the still is pretty clean up to ISO800, and a little noise appears at ISO1600 and 3200. At ISO 6400, the details of the details begin to melt, and at ISO 12800, more details are lost. At ISO 25600, it looks bad.
  • It’s great that 4: 2: 2 10bit is available for video in almost all modes. Thanks to the cooling fan, there are no overheating issues in any mode. There are three fan speeds: low speed, normal, and high speed. At low speed, you can hardly hear noise, but at high speed, you can hear the sound of a PC with a modest sound.
  • Panasonic GH6 does not have a stacked sensor, but the rolling shutter effect is less than that of Canon EOS R5. The 4K and 5.7K of the GH6 were extremely sharp and very impressed. High-sensitivity video quality is not so bad.
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