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Confirmed: Canon EOS R5C Coming in Late 2021

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A new video-focused full-frame mirrorless camera called Canon EOS R5C is expected to be announced towards the end of 2021. The rumored EOS R5 camera will have the same sensor technology as the EOS R5 (AmazonB&H). It will also be able to record 4K/120P with no crop and do 2.8K supersampling in super35 mode.

Canon intends to enrich the EOS R series mirrorless system with both entry-level and high-end models. In addition to the aforementioned high-end EOS R1 and R5s cameras, it is stated that the new EOS R5C cinema camera will also appear in late 2021.

We actually have quite detailed information on the Canon EOS R5C. As you will notice, the “C” symbol in the name of the EOS R5C indicates that this camera will be intended for cinema, ie video shooters. Based on this, we can think that Canon will tailor the EOS R5 sensor to different needs. More details on Canon EOS R5C features after the break!

Confirmed: Canon EOS R5C Coming in Late 2021

Canon EOS R5C to be Announced in 2021

Here is what we know so far about the Canon EOS R5C cinema camera:

Rumored Canon EOS R5C Specs

  • Name: Canon EOS R5C
  • The same image sensor as the Canon EOS R5 (45MP)
  • The same recording options as the Canon EOS R5 (8K30 Raw and 4K120 10-Bit Internal Video)
  • 2.8K supersampling in super35 mode
  • A slightly bigger body with the active cooling system
  • Dual Pixel AF performance in low light better than EOS R5 and EOS R6.
  • Remain a hybrid camera for stills shooting
  • C-Log 2

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