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Canon EOS-R1 Rumored to Feature Quad-Pixel AF and Global Shutter

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The Canon EOS-R1 which is expected to be the RF mount mirrorless version of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III will be equipped with a global shutter sensor and full-pixel Quad-Pixel AF autofocus system.

Canon is going to release several new cameras which most of them will be in RF mount. When we look at the Canon Camera Roadmap for 2021, EOS R1 is the most important model and official announcement will be ahead of the Tokyo Olympics this summer (July 23 to August 8, 2021).

Canon’s new flagship candidate for the mirrorless system, EOS R1 is currently in development to target professional sports and wildlife photographers.

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So what to expect from Canon EOS R1?  First of all it will be all new image sensor with Global Shutter. Expect a new ground breaking AF system – Quad Pixel AF and probably fastest stills frames per second from a Canon camera. These will be the key highlights. More details after the break!

The global shutter sensor would effectively remove rolling shutter when shooting video or stills in the electronic shutter mode. And the full-pixel quad-core CMOS AF would improve autofocus accuracy no matter what orientation the subject or the camera is in. Here are the updated Canon EOS R1 Specifications so far.

Rumored Canon EOS R1 Specifications

  • 21MP full-frame sensor (6.4um)
  • Global shutter
  • QUA-Pixel AF
  • 120dB dynamic range (This translates to 20stops of dynamic range)
  • 120 fps
  • The image sensor may be based on the 2/3″ sensor shown for ISSC 2017.
  • $6499 is the estimated price

Canon EOS R5 body: $3,899 at AmazonB&H.

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Canon EOS R6 body: $2,499 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

Canon EOS R6 with 24-105mm f/4-7.1 Lens: $2,899 at AmazonB&H,

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