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PhotoWorks: Automatic Image Editor With AI Powers

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Tired of struggling with complicated image editors? Anytime you open the software, you don’t know where to start? Time to make a difference!

PhotoWorks is an automatic photo editor with a vast AI-powered toolkit. Its smart algorithms analyze your image, recognize its contents like sky, trees, people, faces, etc. and enhance everything in mere seconds. 

With PhotoWorks, you don’t need to think about what tools to use. Simply perform auto correction to fix over or under exposure, bring dull colors to life, restore the blurred details and much more. 

Your shot has a severe color cast? Using this automatic photo editing software, you can quickly fix the compromised color balance. Just apply one of the 180+ artistic effects and 3D LUT presets. There are different categories: quick enhancements, movies, retro, etc. Moreover, you can create your own photo effects.

Fond of taking portraits shots, but can’t stand the long retouching process? Then you will love the beautification tools in PhotoWorks. Thanks to the built-in Portrait Magic presets, you can perform pro-level retouching literally in a click. Remove blemishes, spots, wrinkles, even the skin tone, add a tan, whiten teeth without using awkward erasers and layer modes. The automatic photo editing also allows you to reshape facial and body features. So you can easily narrow the waist, make the legs longer or get rid of any fat rolls just by dragging a slider.

If your photo lacks atmosphere, and the scenery is ruined by a random passer-by, don’t throw this image into the bin. With PhotoWorks,  you can replace the background using convenient brushes. Just mark the object and the background, and the automatic picture editor will separate them for you. All that’s left to do is select a new, more suitable  background. 

If you don’t want to replace the scenery, then use content-aware brushes to get rid of odd objects like litter, wires, glares, people, etc.. A few strokes and your background is perfectly clean, with nothing that distracts the viewer from the main subject.

Overall, PhotoWorks can become a perfect working horse for those who want to speed up the editing process but still get high quality pictures. It doesn’t require any special knowledge on image retouching, so the program will suit both beginners and pros in photography. 

Now you have a chance to try all these powerful features yourself. You can get the Ultimate version of PhotoWorks with a 50% using a special coupon. It was provided by the vendor   exclusively for our readers.