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Sony A7s III Announcement Maybe Some Other Time

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Yes, the expected Sony announcement took place on April 30, and contrary to popular belief, many professional cine cameras were announced instead of the Sony A7s III.

Sony was expected to make a development announcement for the Sony A7S III in this product announcement event. Unfortunately, it did not happen, and in this case, the Sony A7s III announcement remained for another time.

This product announcement from Sony includes a lot of professional cine cameras. See the short announcement video below, and if you want there is also a longer version here.

When we look at the latest Sony Alpha Rumors, there is some speculation that the Sony A7s III camera could be announced in June 2020. Before that there will see updates of current lenses, some will be telephoto and there will be one new wide angle GM lens as well. Now let’s see the Sony A7s III specs rumored so far :

  • 15.36MP back-illuminated sensor with Quad Bayer design
  • Stacked design with integral memory
  • Rumored 61MP mode
  • DCI 4K capture at 60p
  • 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording
  • Similar design as A7R III and A7 III
  • 2.3 million-dots EVF
  • Multi-selector joystick

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