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What to expect from Canon at Photokina 2018?

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Here is an updated list of the product expectations of Canon for the Photokina 2018Canon is expected to announce at least tthree new cameras and several new lenses.

Photokina 2018 starts on September 26, so what can we expect from Canon before the event. We told about the cameras we were expecting from Canon as three because a full-frame mirrorless camera could be a development announcement rather than an official announcement. In addition, the EOS M5 Mark II and a new video camera body could join the party. 

The rumored cameras especially for Photokina 2018 are the EOS M5 Mark II and the Canon full frame mirrorless camera. Rumored Canon lenses are more and you can see the list below.

Canon full frame mirrorless, EOS M5 Mark II camera and lenses

Canon full frame mirrorless, EOS M5 Mark II camera and lenses

Canon EOS 90D DSLR

Canon 80D DSLR still sells very good and costs $999 at Amazon. Sitting between the more affordable Canon 77D and the pro-grade APS-c Canon 7D Mark II, the rumor mill claims the upcomig Canon 90D coming also this year but after Photokina 2018 event.

Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera

Canon full frame mirrorless camera is rumored to be in the works. Recent reports indicates that the PRO-grade mirrorless camera will be released or be on-display at Photokina 2018 event.

Rumored lenses:

Canon is planning to announce at least two new “big white” super telephoto prime lenses ahead of Photokina 2018 in September. These two new “Big White” lenses is expected to be the version III of the current EF 300mm f/2.8L IS II and EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II.

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