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Fujifilm XF 200mm f/2 lens price to range between $4,900 – $5,000

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As the Fujifilm  lens price tag will stand somewhere within the $4,900 – $5,000 range, its users will get a new teleconverter for this telephoto prime optic.

As you might remember that Fuji didn’t announced this lens and continued to develop it. The biggest reason for the delay was the aperture if it would be f/2 or f/2.8. It is already confirmed that the upcoming Fujifilm XF 200mm lens will definitely have a fast aperture of  f/2.

When we look at the market we see that the sharpest Nikkor 200mm f/2 is already priced at $5,696.95. The XF 200mm f/2 lens will cost $5,000 at launch, while the new teleconverter will become available for about $900-$1,000.

Fujifilm XF 200mm f/2 lens price details revealed

Fujifilm XF 200mm f/2 lens price to range between $4,900 – $5,000
The price of the upcoming Fujifilm XF 200mm f/2 telephoto-prime lens showed up on the web along with the information that it will have a new teleconverter. This also means that the Fujinon XF 200m f/2 lens will not be compatible with the 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters.

This optic would be ideal for sports and wildlife photography. When we consider Canon and Nikon versions of the current 200mm f/2 lenses, the rumored price tag seems fair to us. What do you think about the price of the XF 200mm f/2 lens?

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