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Canon EOS 5DS Mark II Coming with 60MP Sensor

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Canon 5DS Mark II is rumored to feature a full-frame image sensor in 60MP resolution. Latest reports claims the high-megapixel DSLR will get a approx 20% resolution bump compared to its predecessor.

The Japanese company is expected to unveil only one body to replace both the 5DS and 5DS R in the second half of 2018. The latest rumor indicates that there will NOT be a significant resolution jump (from the current 50.6MP) in the new Canon EOS 5DS Mark II.

So, this also means that the upcoming Canon EOS 5DS Mark II will come probably with a new 60MP sensor. More details after the break!

Canon EOS 5DS Mark II Rumored to Feature 60MP Sensor

Canon EOS 5Ds DSLR camera is currently selling with a price of $3,499, while the EOS 5Ds R costs $200 more and selling for $3,699.

Canon EOS 5DS Mark II Coming with 60MP Sensor

Rumored Specifications of Canon EOS 5DS Mark II DSLR

  • Working prototypes are currently being tested.
  • The “5DS” series will be amalgamated into a single camera.
  • No low pass filter.
  • New 60.1mp image sensor.
  • A new type of low megapixel mode.
  • 4K video (video features will be basic)
  • Identical body dimensions to the EOS 5D Mark IV.
  • Focus peaking present, may appear first on another DSLR.
  • Expect all the other features such as DPAF, Wifi, Touchscreen and GPS.

Photokina 2018 open its doors next year around mid-September and, being the world’s largest digital imaging event.Canon EOS 5DS Mark II announcement might happen in this event at the Photokina 2018.

As with all rumors take this with a grain of salt. Stay tuned with Dailycameranews for more information.

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