Next Canon EOS-1 Camera Will Feature 44.7MP Sensor

Canon is rumored to be working and testing on a new EOS-1 DSLR camera with big megapixel sensor. The next EOS-1 camera expected to feature a 44.7-megapixel sensor and 4K video recording capability.

Recent rumors say that the 44.7MP camera is under heavy field testing. The cameras used for testing eating too much batteries when shooting in 4k mode. Canon is therefore still working on the sensor development and the software of the camera.

Next Canon EOS-1 Camera Will Feature 44.7MP Sensor


Canon has no professional model with a “big’megapixel” sensor. Canon development announcement for a high megapixel camera will be made in late 2013.  Previously, the name of the 44.7MP EOS-1 camera rumored to be Canon EOS-1D Xs or 1Ds X. It is going to be available in camera stores by early 2014.

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