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Recommended Sony A3000 Lenses

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Recommended Sony A3000 lenses are categorized below as zoom, macro, wide-angle and portrait / prime lenses. Here are the best Sony a3000 lenses to choose for.

Sony’s latest interchangeable lens camera may look like an SLR, but underneath the hood it’s all NEX. The competitively priced Sony A3000 is compatible with all Sony E-mount for interchangeable lenses and features a Multi Interface Shoe that allows you to attach various accessories such as a powerful system flash, a video IR light or an external microphone.

The Sony A3000 offers a 20.1 megapixel APS-C sized Exmor CMOS sensor, a built-in 201,600-dot electronic viewfinder, an ergonomic hand-grip and weighs in at 411 grams including a battery.


Sony A3000 Price

Sony Alpha A3000 interchangeable lens compact system digital camera price is $398.00 with 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 E Mount Lens. The new Sony Alpha A3000 is available to buy from the camera stores below.

Store Price Buy Now
Amazon.com $398.00 Buy Now
Adorama.com $398.00 Buy Now

Recommended Sony A3000 Lenses

Recommended Zoom Lens for Sony A3000 – Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3

Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 lens is the best zoom for the new A3000 camera. This lens is much lighter and faster than Sony Alpha SEL18200 E-mount 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 which is also has higher price than the Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 lens.

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Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 lens

Buy Sony E 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 lens from Amazon price for $348.00.

Recommended Portrait Lens for Sony A3000 – Sony 50mm f/1.8

Sony 50mm f/1.8 mid-range lens for Sony E-mount  is the best portrait lens for Sony A3000 camera. Sony 50mm f/1.8 lens is a fast lens with silent AF. The lens provides quality images which are very sharp and bokeh is creamy. Also great price for purpose.

Buy Sony 50mm f/1.8 mid-range lens from Amazon price for $298.00.

Recommended Portrait Lens for Sony A3000 – Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5

Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 lens is the best macro for the Sony A3000 lenses with an affordable price. This lens captures very sharp images and has a good build quality. Highly recommended macro lens is also lightweight like its price.

sony a3000 lenses

Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 e-mount Macro Lens

Buy Sony SEL30M35 30mm f/3.5 lens from Amazon price for $278.00.

Recommended Wide-Angle Prime Lens for Sony A3000 – Sony SEL20F28 20mm f/2.8

Sony SEL20F28 20mm f/2.8 is the best wide-angle prime lens for A3000. This lens provides superior image quality and has compact design for street photography.

Buy Sony SEL20F28 20mm f/2.8 from Amazon price for $348.00.