New Sony NEX Cameras Rumored to be Announced Soon

Sony is rumored to be announced four new NEX cameras in near future. New Sony NEX cameras coming soon this Fall and after the recent rumors these cameras slowly had some names. In this post we are going to cover the upcoming Sony NEX cameras expected to be announced in this Autumn.

Four new NEX cameras is in the rumor mill and one of them is Sony E-mount camera with Classic DSLR Design, the other one is Sony NEX-FF Camera Coming With Two New Zeiss Lenses and the third one is Sony NEX-7 Replacement which is expected to be announced in October, 2013. The latest rumored camera NEX-5T will be a mirrorless camera and replace the NEX-5R which is announced back in 2012. Sony NEX-5T mirrorless camera to be announced in September.


New Sony NEX Cameras Rumored to be Announced Soon

  • NEX camera with DSLR design – E-mount camera
  • NEX-5T mirrorless camera – NEX-5R replacement
  • NEX-FF – full frame Sony NEX with two new Zeiss lenses
  • NEX-7 successor

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