Sony NEX-FF Camera Coming With Two New Zeiss Lenses

Sony NEX-FF photocamera announcement expected to be in two months period. Recent rumors show that the Sony NEX-FF camera coming with two new Zeiss lenses. The first NEX full frame camera announcement will be in late August or September.

Sony NEX-FF will come within 2 months period. But the availability or release date of the camera still to be expected in early 2014. Maybe at CES 2014 show.

In the very first NEX-FF announcement we will also see two new Zeiss full frame and E-mount lenses. One of the lenses will be a prime lens and the one will be zoom. The NEX-FF definitely has on sensor PDA and the full frame camera will be very compact sized and feature 30+ megapixel sensor.

Sony NEX-FF Camera Coming With Two New Zeiss Lenses


According to SAR these are all high-end products and everything will be expensive. Also MR mentioned in a post that the NEX-FF will be priced above the $3,000.

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