The NEX-7 Successor to be Announced in Summer [Name is not NEX-7N]

Rumors surfaced for the NEX-7 successor (a.k.a Nex-7n) again and from trusted sources the new Sony NEX is to be announced in this Summer. The Sony NEX-7 successor will not be named “NEX-7n” anymore and will have a new name. Name is not yet surfaced.

According to SAR, this will be the only interchangeable camera to come in 2013. There is not much specs yet as trusted but recent rumors show that this will be Sony’s first camera not having the Anti Aliasing filter.

Also the NEX-7 successor expected to be the first camera with the new JPEG engine which is previously mentioned for the “Honami Smartphone” with large 1/1,5 inch sensor.


The NEX-7 Successor to be Announced in Summer [Name is not NEX-7N]

The new Sony NEX mirrorless  interchangeable lens camera to be announced this Summer and will ship in October. The NEX-7 successor is going to have new features and will not be named as Sony NEX-7n.

Previously rumored NEX-7n specs can be seen here.

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