Olympus Patent for 28mm f/2 Full Frame Mirrorless Lens

Olympus has filed a new lens patent in Japan. The new patent describes a Olympus 28mm f/2 lens designed for full frame mirrorless cameras.

This could refer to a future product like an Olympus full-frame mirrorless camera and this 28mm f/2 full frame mirrorless lens patent might be a preparation for it.

Anyway no rumors for a Oly full frame mirrorless model for now but the patent is real and you can find the details below.

Olympus 28mm f/2 Full Frame Mirrorless Lens Patent


  • Patent # 2016-6469
  • Published on: 2016.1.14
  • Patent filing date: 2014.5.26
  • f 28.83 28.66 28.00 (focal length)
  • FNO: 2.06 2.05 2.00 (aperture)
  • 2ω: 79.64 77.07 70.21 (field of view)
  • IH: 21.633 21.633 21.633
  • FB: 15.65 14.70 12.01
  • Total length: 79.14 78.19 75.50

via Egami

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  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    seems to me a Sony influence – Sony bought a large chunk of Olympus camera division not to far back – and right after magically Sony A7 m2 – A7r m2 – A7s m2 have IBIS –
    I honestly think that Sony will take over Olympus camera division – It does not make sense for Sony to just own a large chunk in Olympus – I think their goal is to take over or buy out –
    I think it unlikely that Olympus would make a 28mm F2 as a first lens for a FF body that one would assume would follow –
    Sony already has the RX1 & m2 – Fuji has the X100 and now X70 – Nikon and Ricoh also have a fixed focal length cameras – seems that market is rather full – a market that is not very large to begin with – So my gut feeling is that it will be a lens for the Sony FE mount –
    seems Sony is really struggling with making lenses – like no new E APS-C mount lenses for a long long time – and only 3 Sony only branded lenses for FE mount – rest is Zeiss etc –

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      Sony sold much of what they bought of Olympus and wanted a foothold into the medical business.

      While Olympus might have provided some direction on IBIS, the techniques are apparently very different.

      It wouldn’t be surprising that Olympus has designed lenses for many others. They actually designed a Quantaray lens or two–the Ritz Camera brand.