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Leica SL3 Rumored to be Announced on March 21-22

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Leica SL3 rumored to be announced on March 21-22 with a price tag under €8,000. If the rumored dates are true, it will be announced after CP+ 2024.  We don’t know which rumor is correct, but in any case, there is no doubt that Leica SL3 will appear soon.

Also, Panasonic’s S1R II is rumored to be based on the SL3 and will be released a few months after the SL3, so if Leica SL3 is announced in March, Panasonic S1R II will likely be released in early summer at the latest.

Here are the rumored specifications:

Rumored Leica SL3 specs

  • uses the same 60-megapixel sensor as Leica M11 or Leica Q3
  • New body slightly smaller than Leica SL2
  • 6.5 stops  image stabilization
  • Phase detection AF
  • 9fps continuous shooting
  • Supports cropped 8K/30p and 4K/60p + full-frame & S35 C4K/30p
  • The camera is already being tested in the field
  • Registered Type 5404 model

A new Leica M-mount lens will also be announced a month later (sometime in April). The US price for Leica SL2 body is $5,995. It is available at B&H Photo Video/Adorama/Amazon.