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Nikon NIKKOR Z 200-600mm Lens to be Announced Soon?

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According to latest rumors from How2fly, Nikon is rumored to announce NIKKOR Z 200-600mm (f/6.3?) Lens very soon.

How2fly doesn’t have a good track record, especially when it comes to Nikon product announcements. – they seem to have better information for other brands. They predicted last year that the Z8 would be announced in August 2022, of course it didn’t.

Anyway they posted a tweet about the Nikon NIKKOR Z 200-600mm Lens that it will be announced soon. We can only expect this lens could be announced ahead of Nikon Z8 and it will be a non-S lens. Stay tuned, but don’t expect too much for this gossip.

Here is a list of lenses to be announced based on Nikon’s lens roadmap.

Prime lenses:

Zoom lenses

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