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What to Expect from Canon in 2022 ?

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What to expect next from Canon ? In this 2022 version, you’ll get the latest news and rumors in one place for the upcoming Canon DSLR and mirrorless cameras as well as new lenses.

As you might have heard that it is confirmed by a Canon executive that the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III will be the last DSLR from Canon. Canon will end the development and production of its DSLR cameras, including the flagships, by transforming manufacturing to produce mirrorless systems only. So this 2022 edition of upcoming Canon Cameras will mostly include full frame mirrorless system related news. However we also have some rumors about Canon compact cameras too.

Here are some updated rumors about upcoming Canon cameras & lenses coming in 2022.

Canon EOS R1

Canon is working on a Canon EOS R1 camera, to compete against the Nikon Z9 and Sony Alpha A1. The development announcement of the camera is expected between March to June 2022. For the first time, Canon will use a Higher Resolution Stacked CMOS Fullframe Sensor paired with Dual Digic X Image Processor in the EOS R1 Mirrorless Camera.

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Canon EOS R5C

The Canon EOS R5c, a rumored update of the R5 that boasts a cooling system as not to overheat, will purportedly be released in Q1 2022.

Although Canon’s EOS R5 is a great full-frame mirrorless, due to overheating issues many professional cinematographers are not able to include the EOS R5 in their professional workflow.

The Canon EOS R5c is, according to perpetual leaks, a video-oriented version of the Canon EOS R5 with a number of upgrades – including an active cooling system for “unlimited 8K 30p”, the 21-pin Mult-Function Shoe debuted on the Canon EOS R3, a full-size HDMI port and the Canon Log 2 profile.

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Canon EOS RP Mark II

An entry-level Canon EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera is among the prospects for 2022. The biggest candidate in this segment for now is an EOS RP refresh, the Canon EOS RP Mark II. Based on the latest Canon Rumors,  the company is currently testing several prototypes of the camera which features redesigned 24 Mp and 30Mp sensors.  If everything goes on schedule we will have an official announcement between Aug-Sep of 2022.

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Canon EOS R Camera Successor – EOS R Mark II

Canon EOS R camera is also due for an update. The EOS R successor was expected to arrive in 2021 but was delayed due to chip shortage and global pandemic. We hope and expect in 2022 Canon will release the Canon EOS R Mark II camera which could have a different naming.

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Canon APS-C RF Mount Camera

This will be the first Canon RF mount camera with an APS-C image sensor. It is already undergoing testing in the field by a select group of photographers. The official announcement is expected in Q2 of 2022. Canon EOS R7 APS-C RF mount camera will be “directly aimed at sports, wildlife and videography”, to replace the Canon EOS 7D Mark II.  And this Canon EOS R7 is rumored to have a 32.5MP APS-C CMOS sensor, DIGIC X Image Processor, 5-Axis IBIS and UHD 4K60p & Full HD 120p video and more.

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Canon 200D Mark III & Canon M300

The latest Canon EOS Rebel SL3, also known as the EOS 250D, EOS 200D II and the EOS Kiss X10 (B&H Photo Video/Amazon) simply makes everyday photography extraordinary.  Canon has slowed down the development process for DSLR and compact cameras and continues to focus more on full-frame mirrorless. On the other hand, it is possible for entry-level cameras to show up sometime in 2022 and it will possibly be the  / EOS 250D Mark II / EOS 200D III camera a.k.a Canon Kiss X10i in Japan.

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Canon G7X Mark IV – Canon will update its vlogging compact camera with an upgraded AF system. If everything goes on schedule then we will have the next G7X series camera in Q1 / Q2 of 2022.

This is the list of Upcoming Canon Cameras for 2022  If you have anything you want to add on the basis of gossip, please specify in your comments.

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