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Confirmed : New Sigma DG DN Sports Lenses in Development

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Sigma did not announce a new product at the CP + 2021 event. But during its video chats, the company confirmed that a new DG DN Sports lens is currently in the final stage of development.

Sigma is one of the largest third-party lens manufacturers and, as such, designs lenses for a variety of sensor sizes. Sigma lenses have been getting more and more popular in recent years thanks to some truly professional-grade optics. Rumors have swirled for a while now that a new 70–200mm F2.8 DG DN lens are on the way, but nothing has been confirmed at this time.

Yasuhiro Osone, General Manager of the Product Planning Department at Sigma, didn’t reveal any specifications or even ranges for focal length for the New Sigma DG DN Sports Lenses. For reference, the following are the 5 Sports series full-frame SLR lenses currently sold by Sigma:

 Sigma Lens Abbreviations

For those unfamiliar with Sigma’s Global Vision lens designations, some exceprts are as follows.

  • DG – lenses compatible with full-frame sensor DSLR cameras.
  • DN – lenses designed for compact system cameras. Sigma is yet to release lenses for full-frame mirrorless cameras (the Sony duo), so it is yet unclear if such optics will have a designation of their own (quite likely), or belong to either DN or DG series.
  • S (Sport) – as you might understand, this product line is for telephoto lenses (both zoom and fixed focal length) designed with sports and wildlife photography in mind. Expect these lenses to be quite pricey and also feature relatively fast maximum aperture settings.
  • OS – optical image stabilization technology used in Sigma lenses; similar to Canon IS, Nikon VR and Tamron VC.
  • HSM – the Hyper Sonic Motor is Sigma’s equivalent to Canon USM and Nikon SWM technology.

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