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New High-end Olympus Camera in the Talks (E-M1X II?)

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In a recent interview with OM Digital Solutions, an executive has teased a new Olympus camera due in 2022. This is a hint of a new high-end Olympus camera which would be a professional-grade body meaning it would sit in the flagship E-M1 product line.

Although it is the opinion in an interview section, we can say that this is the first details about the Olympus E-M1X Mark II. More about this new high-end Olympus camera, they believe that the flagship body should lead with any new sensor and this is how they will release bodies going forward.

We can consider that this could be an upgrade for the 20MP sensor that the Micro Four Thirds world has been using for a long time. As you know, the release date of the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 150-400mm f/4.5 TC1.25X IS PRO Lens has been delayed twice. See here and here. In the interview, it is stated that the delay causes of this lens and the current pre-orders can reach a period of 12 months. The lens announced with a very expensive price tag as $7500 at Adorama and B&HPhoto.

[..] the 150-400mm orders were 3x greater than expected. If you were to place an order today it could take 12 months to fill. (This is a worldwide problem and they didn’t expect so many people to order this lens)

Here are some other excerpts from the interview :

“The interview in question, with OM Digital’s Setsuya Kataoka, teased a new camera with features that would amaze consumers with what it’s capable of. Of course, it’s natural to assume that such a camera – particularly paired with a professional lens like the 150-400mm – would be a professional-grade body, which means it would sit in the flagship E-M1 product line.

Further, it would be reasonable to expect it to have a new sensor – particularly since Olympus’ higher end cameras are still using the same 20.4MP sensor from 2016. And it seems that “the next sensor” may indeed appear in the new camera… but this might put the E-M5 line in a tricky position.”

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