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Confirmed: Nikon to Release Many New Cameras and Lenses in 2021

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Nikon did not announce a new product at the CP + 2021 event. But during its online presentations, Nikon general manager Satoshi Yamazaki confirmed that the company will launch many new cameras and lenses in 2021.

You’re probably asking how Nikon plans to compete with rivals Canon and Sony? These include the new $6,500 Sony a1 camera and the surprisingly effective Canon EOS R5. Based on this, we think that among the Nikon cameras that may be announced in 2021, models such as Z8Z9Z1 can compete with Sony a1Canon EOS R5Sony a7S III . It should be kept in mind that all this is just gossip and the company may have different plans.

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Officially, though, Nikon made several online presentations during the CP + show, here are some highlights of the main points:

Nikon Confirmed to Release Many New Cameras and Lenses in 2021

From DCLife.jp (Translated):

  • We are still challengers at Mirrorless, so we would like to take on various challenges.
  • The Z mount system is considered to be a system with great potential for new creation because it is a large diameter short flange back.
  • Taking advantage of this mount system, we would like to evolve the body and lens and develop products that will impress our customers.
  • We plan to release many new products this year as well.

Nikon Z Mount Lenses

  • Nikon is planning to have a total of 27 lenses and 2 teleconverters on the Z lens roadmap by 2022.
  • Nikkor Z lens roadmap:
    • Prime S lenses: 85mm S, 400mm S, 600mm S
    • Prime lenses: 28mm, 40mm
    • Micro lens: 50mm Micro
    • Zoom lenses: 24-105mm S, 100-400mm S, 200-600mm, DX 18-140mm

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Upcoming Nikon Cameras and Lenses in 2021

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