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What We Know About Pentax K-Mount Flagship APS-C DSLR Camera

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Here is what we know so far on the Pentax K APS-C flagship camera. The latest rumors suggest that the Pentax K-Mount Flagship APS-C DSLR Camera will be officially announced in September 2020. The camera is currently ‘under development for market launch in 2020’.

This camera was exhibited at the ‘Pentax Meeting 100th Anniversary Special’ event on September 21, 2019. The most notable feature on this as-yet-unnamed camera is its entirely new optical viewfinder, which uses a special glass that ‘excels in refraction’. The company is targeting a magnification of 1.05x (0.7x 35mm-equivalent), which is the same as on the full-frame K-1.

What we know about the flagship Pentax K-mount APS-C DSLR Camera:

  • Model name is still unknwon
  • New large optical viewfinder with 1.05x magnification
  • The optical viewfinder uses “special glass”
  • Eye sensor that turns off the LCD screen
  • Improved AF performance
  • Improved AF tracking
  • AF joystick
  • New battery grip
  • To be released in 2020

Check out the Pentax Flagship APS-C DSLR Camera dveelopment announcement.

Reminder: Ricoh has released the new firmware updates for Pentax K-1 Mark II, Pentax K-1 and K-3. With this firmware Pentax K-1 Mark II upgraded to version 1.05, Pentax K-1 to 1.53 and K-3  to 1.41. Overall the new firmware adds support for the new HD PENTAX-D FA* 85mm f/1.4 ED SDM AW lens for three DSLR cameras.