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Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro Lens Coming in Late 2020

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Canon RF 100mm f/2L IS USM Macro lens is in the hands of select photographers with an announcement coming this year. Canon RF Lens Roadmap includes the bu this one is new and has bright aperture.

The telephoto prime macro lens is expected to arrive in late 2020 and this is the only information we have according to rumor mill. Anyway we can clearly say that this beast will have a price tag around $2,000 at the least.

EOS R is the first camera to feature the RF lens mount with a 12-pin connection, flange back distance of 20mm and a wide 54mm mount diameter enabling even greater flexibility in lens design.

It’s pretty obvious we’re going to get a native macro lens for the RF mount, and an f/2 lens would be a great addition to the RF lineup. Even the RF 100mm F2 macro with IS will be kinda huge in sizes it will be great for portrait and macro photography.

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