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Nikon D6 Sample Images

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Here are several links to high resolution official Nikon D6 sample images as well as full-size sample photos. Nikon D6 sample gallery ! Check out to see the Nikon D6 first shots published on the web.

The Nikon D6 (Amazon | Adorama | B&HPhoto)  is a professional DSLR designed for sports and action photography. It features a full-frame 20 Megapixel CMOS sensor and Nikon’s most advanced autofocus system, as of February 2020. The AF system has 105 points, all of which are cross-type and use a ‘triple-sensor arrangement’. Nikon claims that the D6 can focus down to -4.5EV. The camera can shoot bursts at up to 14 frames per second with continuous autofocus.

Official Nikon D6 sample images.

More Nikon D6 Sample Images

Nikon D6 Camera Body $6,499.95 USD at Amazon | Adorama | B&HPhoto

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