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Skylum Brings AI-Powered Portrait & Skin Enhancement Tools To Luminar 4

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Skylum has announced new features that will bring AI-powered portrait and skin enhancement tools to Luminar 4 software. “AI Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer will help photographers to further develop and improve their portraits. These tools use machine learning to speed up the process, but contain detaield controls for even the most demanding photo editor.” – Skylum.

Skin Enhancer and Portrait Enhancer eliminate the need to selectively edit your photos. Faces and skin are automatically detected allowing you to remove various skin imperfections easily. Skin pores and other small details are preserved.

You can see these features in action at the Luminar 4 page here.

Luminar 4 is still available at a discounted pre-release price.

Skylum Bring AI-Powered Portrait & Skin Enhancement Tools To Luminar 4 Software

Portrait Enhancer includes adjustments for 8 areas:

  • Face-aware Lighting: Adjust lighting for a face that doesn’t impact the rest of the scene. Get the emulation of a flash or reflector aimed at a face.
  • Eye Improvement: Enhance and make a person’s eyes more expressive and sharp as well as whiten pupils.
  • Dark Circle Removal: Easily remove dark circles or shadows below the eye.
  • Red Eye: Fix red-eye problems caused by flash.
  • Face Contouring: Make the face thinner, achieving more attractive results in your portrait.
  • Eye Enlargement: Is your portrait subject not fully awake yet? Squinting in bright light? Bring their eyes to life by gently increasing the size of their eyes.
  • Eyebrows: Thicken and darken brows for stronger framing of the eyes.
  • Lips and Teeth Enhancement: Bring more color and depth to a person’s lips, and take advantage of teeth whitening tools.

Pricing and availability

Luminar 4 is set to be released this autumn, 2019. Pre-orders are now available on Skylum.com. Owners of Luminar 3 or Luminar Flex plugin can also upgrade at a discount.