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Sony A9 Firmware Update Version 4.00 Released

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Sony released a new firmware update version 4.00 for the Sony Alpha A9 mirrorless sports camera.

This upgrade adds new features to the Image transfer function via FTP. Sony A9 Ver. 4.00 firmware improves the overall stability of the camera and also includes the updates introduced in Ver. 3.00.

Unfortunately this upgrade doesn’t feature the so-called S-log support yet. We also know the community waits for picture profiles and continuous video file naming.  Check out the details and download links of this A9 firmware v4.00 below.

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Sony A9 firmware update Version 4.00 Details

Sony A9 Firmware Update Version 4.00 Released

Benefits and Improvements from the latest update

  1. Allows you to transfer still images during record and playback operations
  2. Adds the following new FTP transfer functions:
    • Allows you to narrow the transfer target, such as protected images or non-transferred images, and transfer the applicable images together as a batch
    • Allows you to transfer the image being viewed by pressing the assigned custom key
    • Allows you to transfer all images automatically while recording
    • Allows you to select the transfer target file formats when transferring images records in RAW+JPEG format to an FTP server
  3. Updates the destination folder configuration with the following options:
    • Allows you to register up to nine FTP servers
    • Allows you to change the destination folder configuration flexibly on the FTP server
    • Allows you to save image data in the folder that you choice
    • Allows you to register [media card slot number] in the folder configuration
    • Allows you to make the folder configuration the same as on your camera
  4. Improves the overall stability of the camera


  • When updating to this version, the FTP transfer feature and Wired LAN settings are initialized. You will have to configure the two items again.
  • The names of FTP server 1, FTP server 2, and FTP server 3 will be kept, but other items will be initialized.
  • If you have set Wired LAN Setting to Manual, each of the manually configured settings will be initialized and the Wired LAN Setting will reset to Auto.
  • When the camera is updated from Ver. 3.00 to this version, the registered settings for Fn (function) menu may not be kept.In that event, please customize the menu to your preferred settings again: Setting: [MENU]-[Camera Settings2]-[Function Menu Set.].

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