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Report : Nikon D850 sensor (IMX309AQJ) is made by Sony

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New reports indicate that the Nikon D850 sensor (IMX309AQJ) is made by Sony. ChipMod took a Nikon D850 camera apart and came to the conclusion that the sensor inside is made by Sony.

ChipMod also provided a picture of the back of the sensor where we can clearly see IMX309AQJ and 1183456. Sony sensors have “IMX” in their model name.

So this numbers clearly indicates that high-resolution FX-format Nikon D850 sensor (IMX309AQJ) is made by Sony.

See the (Google translation) below :

  • In an email, ChipMod informed me that they analyzed the sensor and the bonding pattern together with other characteristics are typical for the way Sony manufactures sensors.
  • They also shared with me that Nikon has started to use a new sensor IC package – AQJ (metal frame with mounting holes on the sensor).
  • ChipMod also noted that the D850 sensor is different from the sensors found in the Sony a7 II (IMX251AQL) and a7 III cameras in both circuit and packaging.

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