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First Panasonic GH6 Rumors Leaked Online

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Panasonic is rumored to announce the Lumix GH6 Micro Four Thirds camera. First Panasonic GH6 rumors has been leaked on the web.

According to latest Panasonic rumors, the upcoming video-centric mirrorless camera is expected to be on display at Photokina 2018  event. Possible release date of the Lumix GH6 should be at CP+ 2019 in February.

It looks like the Panasonic GH6 is in development and will feature 8K support. The rumor mill claims that there will be three models GH6V, GH6 and GH6X. More details after the break!

First Panasonic GH6 rumors show up on the web

First Panasonic GH6 Rumors Leaked Online

Here are the first Panasonic GH6 rumors/predictions:

  • Panasonic wants to add 8K support, most probably at 24p only
  • Micro Four Thirds sensor can be first present only at GH6 presentation time and will be exclusive for 1-2 years
  • 8K support can be interpolated (from around 6.5-7K), but can be true 8K, depends on sensor version Sony chooses
  • Next focus will be improving high frame rates
  • AF will be kept at the same level, slightly faster, just with more options
  • Will use this EVF – https://www.personal-view.com/talks/discussion/19797/meet-first-gh6-part-1600×1200-resolution-oled-evf#Item_1
  • GH6 can be the first camera with AI and cloud-based features with monthly cost
  • Other features can be possible to be enabled permanently, but paid, similar to V-LOG license
  • Panasonic also wants to account for big currency fluctuations
  • So, price will rise compared to GH5, but it can be GH6V (value edition) with 8K and other features disabled that you can buy later
  • GH lineup, after one year of introduction, will be 3 cameras – GH6V, GH6 and GH6X (top one, similar to mix of G9 and GH5S)
  • First announcement round will be Photokina 2018 and spring Photokina 2019 or CP++ will be release time

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