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Ricoh GR III and Pentax K-3 III Cameras are On the Horizon

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Ricoh GR III and Pentax K-3 III cameras are on the horizon. In a recent interview with DPReview, several executives from Ricoh confirmed that Ricoh GR III and Pentax K-3 III are on their way but the announcement dates of these products are unclear.

As we have posted earlier that the Ricoh GR III announcement scheduled for Photokina 2018 in September. The premium compact camera might feature high-resolution EVF and tiltscreen.

Generally Ricoh unveils the K-3 series in a two years gap. So if we don’t see an announcement in the first half of 2018, then Photokina in September, 2018 could be the ideal time for Pentax K-3 III announcement.

Ricoh GR III and Pentax K-3 III Cameras Rumored for Photokina 2018

Ricoh GR III and Pentax K-3 III Cameras are On the Horizon

Speaking of smaller cameras, our readers really want a GR III – is this something you’re working on?

Good question. Although we don’t know whether it will be called ‘GR III’ or not, the study for the development of the next GR is already ongoing. We cannot say when, and how exactly it will be, but the next GR will come someday.

Will we see an updated APS-C flagship camera in the future?

For the flagship APS-C model, we have just started to develop that. It’ll be the successor of the K-3 II and will be an evolution of the K-3 series.

The premium compact camera is rumored to be in the works. We have to note that the third model in GR-series might also feature a 36-megapixel full frame curved sensor and a fixed 28mm f/2.4 lens. Check it out!

Here are our thoughts and expectations for the Ricoh GR III camera.

  • 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • High Resolution EVF
  • Better ISO performance
  • Tilt screen
  • Dustproof body (maybe weather sealed)
  • Price around $700

On the othr hand, it is hard to say if the upcoming Pentax K-3 III will be a D500 killer. We only expect a brand new AF module and CPU for this shooter.

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