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Fujifilm Interview at 2018 CP+ Show

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Dpreview visited the 2018 CP+ show in Yokohama, Japan and had interviews with senior executives from Fujifilm.

Among the topics covered were the runaway success of the GFX system, new Fujifilm X-H1, how the company approach to video and replacement to the Fujifilm X70. Good thing is that they mention the improvement of the AF of the Fujifilm X-T2 so it matches the X-H1.

DPReview interviewed some of Fujifilm’s senior managers at 2018 CP+ Show. Here is the recap in courtesy of FujiAddict :

Fujifilm Interview Recap at 2018 CP+ Show

Fujifilm Interview at 2018 CP+ Show

  • Fujifilm GFX 50S

    • Fujifilm sold more GFX cameras than they expected.
    • There was also a very high attach rate of GF lenses, which wasn’t expected.
    • Customer feedback about GFX has been very good
    • 80% of GFX users are high-end amateurs and 20% are traditional professionals.
    • Users want long glass for the GFX
    • Users also want the GFX to be faster and Fujifilm is working on that.
    • GFX is usually a second body and adapters are very important to the system.
    • There are over 100 adapters on the market right now for 28 mounts.
    • Fujifilm is focused on prime development right now, but they haven’t forgotten those that want zooms.
  • Fujifilm X-H1

    • Photographers wanted a bigger grip for large lenses like the XF 100-400mm and upcoming XF 200mm.
    • Each customer requires a different camera and if you want minimalist you can get a Fujifilm X-E3.
    • Fujifilm is focused on APS-C, because they think that is the best balance for speed/size/image quality
  • Other

    • Fujifilm is considering a high-end compact to replace the Fujifilm X70
    • Fujifilm has a growing videographer population.
    • Fujifilm’s strength is getting photos straight out of the camera that you can use, they are trying to do the same thing with video and ETERNA with the X-H1.
    • They could improve the AF of the Fujifilm X-T2 so it matches the X-H1.
    • Fujifilm hopes to improve their image quality substantially over the next 18 months.
    • Some improvements will come via firmware update, while others will be hardware.
    • Fujifilm will have faster and more accurate autofocus and will improve video functionality.
    • In the US the high-end market has grown the most.
    • In the Asian market, the X-A has grown the most.
    • Fujifilm has an over 40% market share in Thailand.
    • The Asian market is transitioning from smartphones to the X-A, while the Western is more high-end centric.
    • Fujifilm doesn’t have legacy equipment to deal with, which is a huge advantage over Canon/Nikon.
    • Fujifilm will continue to stand out as a unique camera maker even as Canon and Nikon enter the market, because of their use of analog controls.
  • Instax

    • Fujifilm sees the popularity of Instax as people still valuing print.
    • In Asia using Instax alongside high-end Fujifilm cameras isn’t uncommon and they actually sell them bundled.

You can read the full interview at DPReview.