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Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Rumored to Feature “Z-mount”

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The upcoming Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera is rumored to feature a new mounting system called the “Z-mount“, which will have a 16mm flange focal distance.

According to recent reports, the external diameter of the new system would be 49mm, which is the actual mount opening. The entire external diameter of the mount is going to be 65.4mm.

The graph below is by Eric Calabros that shows a comparison between Nikon Z-mount and Sony E-mount. The Z-mount has more than 6 degrees of advantage over E-mount which is also important for wide angle and fast lenses.

The Upcoming Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera to Have a New “Z-mount”

Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Rumored to Feature "Z-mount"

Upcoming Nikon Z-mount

  • Mount diameter (opening): 49mm
  • Total diameter of mount: 65.4mm
  • Flange focal distance: 16mm

Sony E-mount:

  • External diameter: 46.1 mm
  • Flange focal distance: 18 mm

Previous rumors has indicated that the company is reportedly working on a new mirrorless camera concept. Trusted sources are claiming that there are two different sensor resolution in progress. One of them based on the DX-format image sensor. This is expected to be the 20.1MP resolution sensor found in the Nikon D500. The second body will be the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera which will feature the 45-megapixels image sensor from the D850 DSLR.

Expectations from the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera

  • Nikon will announce both Nikon DX mirrorless camera and Nikon full frame mirrorless camera in 2018
  • New Nikon mirrorless mount
  • New Nikon mirrorless lens coming along with Nikon mirrorless cameras
  • The Nikon DX mirrorless camera could use 21MP Nikon D500 image sensor, the Nikon full frame mirrorless camera could use 45.7MP Nikon D850 image sensor.
  • Nikon will design a new F-mount to mirrorless mount adapter.
  • Nikon is is putting a lot of effort, research and money is the viewfinder.

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