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Olympus E-M10III rumored to be announced in September

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The Olympus E-M10III Micro Four Thirds camera is rumored to be in development and to become official during an event taking place in September 2017.

When we look at the previous gossips, there was one which said that the shooter would be unveiled in early August. Now, according to a more reliable source, the Olympus E-M10III announcement is said to take place in September.

If this is true, Olympus users have to wait till September and it also means that the release date of the camera will be November-December timeframe.

Olympus E-M10III announcement rumored for September

Most rumored mirrorless camera should be the E-M10 Mark III these days. The budget-friendly camera has been registered on several communication agencies before. The big news is that the Olympus E-M10III rumored to feature 20-megapixel image sensor and 4K video recording. 

Olympus E-M10III rumored to be announced in September

Rumored Olympus E-M10III Specs

  • 20MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor
  • Latest True-Pic engine
  • 4k video recording
  • 5-Axis IBIS with Sync IS from the E-M5II
  • High-resolution image
  • Built-in EVF
  • Built-in Wi-Fi

We expect the price of the Olympus E-M10III to be around $799 for body-only. This would make the kit price with pancake zoom around $899. On the other hand it will be priced similar to the rival X-T20 retails today. Stay tuned with us for more information.

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