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Nikon D7500 sensor test results

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Nikon D7500 sensor test results published by DxOMark website. Even the site didn’t officially release their review yet, but the test score and comparisons are already available online. 

Nikon D7500 sensor achieved a score of 86 points and this is one point behind the D7200. As you know the D500 and D7500 have the exact same sensor and Expeed 5 processor.

The D7500 is a DX-format APS-C DSLR comes with a 20 megapixel sensor as the flagship D500 model. It has an ISO range from 100-51000, 51 AF points and 8fps burst shooting.  Let’s look at the measurements from the Nikon D7500 sensor test results.

Nikon D7500 sensor test results

Nikon D7500 sensor test results by DxOMark

According to the D7500 sensor test results, D7200 has slightly better Dynamic Range and Color Sensitivity up to around ISO 400. On the other hand, D7500 has equal or slightly better DR and Color Sensitivity from ISO 400 on.

The launch of the D7500 presents an interesting quandary for camera buyers: should I buy the D500 or save some money and get the D7500 or D7200? See our D7500 vs D500 vs D7200 comparison to get the answers.

Here is the Nikon D7500 comparison table to other Nikon APS-C cameras.

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