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More Olympus E-M10 Mark III camera rumors

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The Olympus EM10 Mark III announcement is rumored to take place in late Summer probably by the end of August.

The lower-end Micro Four Thirds camera has been registered on the website of Taiwan and Russia government communication agencies under code name IM006. It could be unveiled in the near future.

The new model will use the BLS-50 battery and BCS-5 charger. It will be available in body only, EZ lens kit and double zoom kit. Based on the battery model the upcoming camera will probably be the Olympus E-M10 Mark III or E-PL9 with minor possibility.

The Micro Four Thirds camera was registered on May 19, 2017. On several occasions we have seen shooters launched shortly after their registration date, so we should not rule the possibility of seeing this device in the near future.

Olympus E-M10 Mark III announcement event rumored to take place in late Summer

The E-M10 is the low-end mirrorless camera of the OM-D-series. Olympus launched it in early 2014 and the Mark II model has been unveiled in 2015.

Now the company will announce the Mark II version of the OM-D-series E-M10 camera soon. The upcoming shooter is expected to feature the same 16-megapixel sensor as its predecessor. Since these information we are talking about, the E-M10 Mark III will come packed with built-in WiFi.

E-M10 Mark III set to come out before the E-M5 Mark III?

The name of the next-generation model is expected to be E-M10III if the Japan-based company doesn’t change the naming scheme. It’s an important question of how Olympus’s product range will be shaped after the launch of the flagship OM-D E-M1 Mark II camera.  As you know, after the 20-megapixel Micro 4/3rds sensor and 4K video recording have appeared, how the next model will look is important.

Olympus can continue the E-M10, E-M5 and E-M1 sequences on the one hand. On the other side, they can say goodbye to 16MP sensor and perform E-M5 Mark III announcement with the new 20MP sensor.

Of course, these are all assumptions or probabilities. The rumor mill claims that the registered model will most likely be the Olympus E-M10 Mark III camera. Here are the combined specs we’ve posted so far.

Expected Olympus E-M10 Mark III Specs

  • 16MP Four Thirds CMOS sensor
  • Latest True-Pic engine
  • 4k video recording
  • 5-Axis IBIS with Sync IS from the E-M5II
  • High-resolution image
  • Built-in EVF
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Around $799 body-only

These are all the details for OM-D E-M10 Mark III. The price of the Olympus E-M10 Mark II with 14-42mm II R lens is currently $200 off.

Stay tuned with us for more information.

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