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Subal Go 5 Housing for GoPro 5

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Subal announces the newest and the smallest underwater housing Subal Go 5 for GoPro 5 action camera.

The new housing is made of very strong aluminium for extreme use. It can be fixed everywhere and has several mounths so that could be used in every conditions.

The Subal Go 5 is produced mainly for military and firefighters just as for extreme diving. It can go up to 300m maximum depth! It also can be equiped with additional adapter for connecting all Subal dome ports!

Subal Go 5 for GoPro 5 action camera

New Subal Housing for GoPro 5

The new Subal housing for GoPro 5 weighes approximately 0,3 kg without port and handles.

Seawater-resistant aluminum alloy worked from a solid block. Hard-coating and corrosion treatment is applied to the surface of the housing.

In addition 3 layers of powder-coating paint is applied to give the housing the Subal color and unique finish. All parts are made of hard-anodized light alloy, acid-resistant stainless steel and high-quality plastics to cope with the marine environment.

The retail price without tax for this Subal GoPro 5 housing is 599€ and can be ordered from the Subal website.